Internetworking Basics

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    Week 1:     Chapter 1 - Introduction to Networking

    Notes: Network Card Configuration

    Demo: Configuring a Network Card

    Lab: Network Card Configuration

    Notes: The ipconfig Command

    Demo: The ipconfig Command

    Portfolio Paper: Check a network card configuration using ipconfig

    Notes: The Binary Number System

    Quiz 1a - 10 questions

    Week 2:     Chapter 1 - Introduction to Networking Cont'd

    Notes: The Hexadecimal Number System

    Notes: IP Addresses and Subnet Masks

    Portfolio Paper: IP Address and Subnet Mask Calculations

    Notes: Testing Connectivity with Ping and Tracert

    Demo: Testing Connectivity with Ping and Traceroute

    Portfolio Paper: Testing Connectivity

    Quiz 1b - 10 questions

    Week 3:     Chapter 2 - Networking Fundamentals

    Slides: LANs, WANs, MANs and SANs

    Notes: Network Topologies

    Flash Flips Cards: Network Topologies

    Portfolio Paper: Network Topologies and Devices

    Notes: The OSI and TCP/IP Models

    Notes: Network Devices and OSI Layers

    Portfolio Paper: OSI and TCP/IP

    Quiz 2a - 10 questions

    Quiz 2b - 10 more challenging questions

    Week 4:     Chapter 3 - Networking Media

    Half-term Tasks

    Notes: Cables, Connectors and Other Media

    Flash Flips Cards: Cables and Connectors

    Flips Cards: Cables and Connectors

    Flips Cards: Wireless Media

    Flips Cards: Network Standards

    Portfolio Paper: Simple Networks, their Cables and Connectors

    Quiz 3a - 10 questions

    Quiz 3b - 10 more challenging questions

    Week 5:     Chapter 4 - Cable Testing

    Notes: Copper and Fiber Cable Tests

    Flips Cards: The Ten Copper Cable Tests

    Portfolio Paper: Cable Testing

    Portfolio Paper: Construct and Test a Crossover Cable

    Portfolio Paper: Design/Create a Peer-Peer Network between 2 PCs

    Quiz 4a - 10 questions

    Quiz 4b - 10 more challenging questions

    Week 6/7:  Chapter 5 - Cabling The LAN

    Notes: Cabling the LAN

    Portfolio Paper: Constructing a Straight-Through Cable

    Portfolio Paper: Design and Create a Hub-Based Peer-Peer Network

    Quiz 5a - 10 questions

    Quiz 5b - 10 more challenging questions

    Week 8:      Chapter 5 - Cabling The WAN

    Notes: Cabling the WAN

    Portfolio Paper: Construct a Rollover Cable

    Portfolio Paper: Create a simulated WAN Link

    Quiz 5c - 10 questions

    Week 9:      Chapter 6 - Ethernet Fundamentals

    Notes: Ethernet Frames

    Notes: CSMA/CD and Collisions

    Notes: Autonegotiation

    Quiz 6a - 10 questions

    Quiz 6a - 10 more difficult questions

    Week 10:    Chapter 7 - Ethernet Technologies

    Notes: Encoding Methods

    Quiz 7a - 10 questions

    Quiz 7b - 10 more difficult questions

    Week 11:    Chapter 8 - Ethernet Switching

    Notes: Switching

    Quiz 8a - 10 questions

    Week 12:    Chapter 9 - TCP Protocol Suite and IP Addressing

    Notes: IP Addressing

    Flips Cards: IP Address Classes

    Quiz 9a - 10 questions

    Week 13:    Chapter 10 - Routing Fundamentals and Subnets

    Notes: Routing Fundamentals

    Portfolio Paper: Use Hyperterminal to Connect to a Router

    Notes: Subnetting

    Subnetting Techniques Presentation

    Flips Cards: Subnetting

    Quiz 10a - 10 questions

    Week 14:    Chapter 11 - The Transport and Application Layers

    Notes: The Transport Layer


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