Internetworking Basics

  •     Assignments

    Assessment will be by means of the following

    • a set of portfolio papers
    • a case study assignment
    • 11 online Cisco tests
    • 1 final online test paper
    • a practical skills test

      All assessment items must be completed satisfactorily to pass the unit.  

    Assignment Papers
    Case Study - Part 1
    Case Study - Part 2
    Skills Test Paper
      Practical Skills Assessment
    Portfolio Papers     
    ~~~ Portfolio Set 1 Cover ~~~
    Portfolio Paper 1a - Documenting a PC Network Configuration
    Portfolio Paper 1b - Test Network Connectivity
    Portfolio Paper 1c - IP Address and Subnet Mask Calculations
    ~~~ Portfolio Set 2 and 3 Cover ~~~
    Portfolio Paper 2a - Networks, Devices and Topologies
    Portfolio Paper 2b - The OSI and TCP/IP Model
    Portfolio Paper 3a - Simple Networks, their Cables and Connectors
    ~~~ Portfolio Set 4 Cover ~~~
    Portfolio Paper 4a - Construct a Straight-through Cable
    Portfolio Paper 4b - Construct a Crossover Cable
    Portfolio Paper 4c - Construct a Rollover Cable
    Portfolio Paper 4d - Cable Testing
    ~~~ Portfolio Set 5 Cover ~~~
    Portfolio Paper 5a - Design/Create a Peer-Peer Network between 2 PCs
    Portfolio Paper 5b - Design/Create a Hub-Based Peer-Peer Network
    Portfolio Paper 5c - Create a Simple Routed WAN
    Portfolio Paper 5d - Use Hyperterminal to Connect to a Router

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