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BTEC-Cisco Routing, Switching & Virtual LANs



Assessment will be by means of the following

  • Various Lab activity papers
  • 1 assignment paper
  • Skills test
  • 10 online Cisco tests

    All assessment items must be completed satisfactorily to pass the unit.  

Assignment Papers
 Assignment 1: VLAN Case Study
Portfolio Papers
 Portfolio Paper 1a - Supernetting and VLSMs
 Portfolio Paper 2a - Configure and Verify RIPv2 on a Router
 Portfolio Paper 2b - Configure and Verify OSPF on a Router
 Portfolio Paper 2c - Configure and Verify EIGRP on a Router
 Portfolio Paper 3a - Basic Switch Configuration and Verification
 Portfolio Paper 3b - Switch MAC Address and Port Security Configuration
 Portfolio Paper 4a - Saving and Restoring a Switch Configuration and IOS
 Portfolio Paper 5a - Switches and the Spanning Tree Protocol
 Portfolio Paper 6a - Create, Test and Remove VLANs
 Portfolio Paper 6b - Configuring Trunking. Configuring a VTP Client and Server
 Portfolio Paper 6c - Configuring Inter-VLAN Routing

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