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BTEC-Cisco Routing, Switching & Virtual LANs


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 Week 1:  

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Classless Routing

 Notes: Route Aggregation and Supernetting

   Portfolio Paper 1a - Supernetting

 Week 1:  

Chapter 2 - Introduction to Classless Routing

 Notes: Variable Length Subnet Masks

   Portfolio Paper 1a - VLSMs

 Week 3:  

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Classless Routing

 RIPv1 and RIPv2

   Portfolio Paper 2a - Configure and Verify RIPv2 on a Router

 Week 4:  

Chapter 2 - OSPF Routing
   Portfolio Paper 2b - Configure and Verify OSPF on a Router

 Week 5:  

Chapter 3 - EIGRP Routing
   Portfolio Paper 2c - Configure and Verify EIGRP on a Router

 Week 6:  

Chapter 6 - Switching
   Portfolio Paper 3a - Basic Switch Configuration and Verification

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