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BTEC-Cisco Wide Area Networking


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The ‘Wide Area Networks’ unit focuses on advanced IP addressing techniques including Network Address Translation, Port Address Translation and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (NAT, PAT and DHCP).

Also, current industry standard Wide Area Network protocols are covered in depth. These include Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), Dial on Demand (DDR) and Frame Relay.

Network design and management are covered including tools for diagnostics and network management. Optical networking is introduced including techniques for multiplexing and converting between optical and electronic signals.

Students gain practical experience setting up, testing and troubleshooting WANs and WAN protocols..

This unit is mapped to the Cisco Networking Academy, Semester 4 .

To achieve this unit you must:
  • Understand and configure Network and Port Address Translation
  • Design, set-up, test and evaluate Wide Area Networks and protocols
  • Understand and administer networks devices and operating systems
  • Describe optical networking.

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