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BTEC-Cisco Wide Area Networking


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The Edexcel homepage for the BTEC Nationals range of qualifications.  Look for the BTEC National Diploma for IT Practitioners.



Useful site providing free course notes, outlines, tutorials, courses and e-texts on a variety of subjects such as: Operating Systems, Databases, Networks and Networking, Computer Languages and Scripts.

(Note, there are some pop-ups but you can disable those in the browser)



A good place for buying books online.


  bbc learning

BBC Learning provides revision and study advice for students of all ages, lesson plans and help for teachers, and advice and guidance for parents.


  bbc education

Good place to look for information about going to university


  bbc courses

BBCi are launching a series of online courses. Check out the Computers & the Internet and the Design & Technology courses.  Note: you don't have to register to sample these courses.



An Internet Encyclopedias. Useful for help on networking terms



The Institue of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. A professional organisation that develop network and communication standards. This is where the LAN standards are developed and published.


 IP Subnet Calculator by SolarWinds

SolarWinds supply a free utility called the The Advanced Subnet Calculator. You have to fill in a short form to be able to download it.


 IP Subnet Calculator by WildPackets

Wildpackets also provide a free IP Subnet Calculator, which runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000.http://www.visualware.com


 Visual Route

A visual version of the tracert command. This software shows you the hps to a host and lots of other information. It is not free but there is a demo available.



Ethereal is packet capturing software used for troubleshooting, analysis, software and protocol development, and education. It is open source software released under the GNU General Public License.


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