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BTEC-Cisco Wide Area Networking



The areas of routing, switching and virtual LANs this unit will cover are...


1. Network and Port Address Translation

IP Addressing:public, private, describe, configure, test and troubleshoot (NAT, PAT)

BOOTP and DHCP:describe BOOT, describe, configure, test and troubleshoot DHCP and
DHCP relay.


2. Wide Area Networks and protocols

WAN technologies: devices, standards, encapsulation, packet switching, circuit switching,
analogue dialup, ISDN, leased line, X.25, frame Relay, ATM, DSL, cable modem

WAN design: design procedure, networking capabilities (identify, select), three-layer design
and alternative models

Protocols: such as...

HDLC - encapsulation, configuration, troubleshooting

PPP - serial communication, time-division multiplexing, demarcation point, DTE-DCE, authentication, layered architecture, establishing a session, authentication protocols, PAP, CHAP, encapsulation, configuration, configuring authentication, testing, troubleshooting

ISDN - concepts, standards, access methods, ISDN 3-layer model and protocols, functions, reference points, router interface, switch types, configuring (BRI, PRI), testing, troubleshooting

DDR - operation, legacy DDR, static routes, specifying interesting traffic, dialler information, dialler profiles, configure, test, troubleshoot

Frame Relay - concepts, terminology, stack layered support, bandwidth, flow control, address mapping, topology, LMI, inverse ARP, configure (basic, static map), reachability issues, routing updates in NBMA, subinterfaces (configure, test, troubleshoot)


3. Network devices and operating systems

Devices: workstation, servers, client-server relationship

Network operating systems: overview of Microsoft NT, 2000, and .NET, UNIX Sun, HP, and Linux versions, Apple, common NOS services (web, mail, news, telnet, ssh, ftp, tftp, etc)

Network management: Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) and network management model, standards (Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), SNMP operation, structure of management information base (MIB), SNMP protocol, configuring SNMP, remote monitoring (RMON), system logs


4. Optical networking

Optical networks: business requirements, fibre-optic transmission systems, light (optical transmission, reflection, refraction), optical fibres, loss factors, attenuation, optical filter,

Transmission and Multiplexing: Synchronous Optical Network (SONET), Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH), Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) systems, Electronic-Optical-Electronic (E/O/E) conversion, data transmission, advantages of


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