Networking, Routers and Routing

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    About this Unit

    This unit covers router hardware, routed and routing protocols and the mechanisms by which routing information is propagated around the network. The inner workings of the TCP/IP protocol are examined. Access Control Lists, used to manage network security and traffic are also introduced.

    You will learn how to configure routers in multi-protocol environments in order to interconnect Local Area Networks (LANs) and to connect Local Area Networks to Wide Area Networks (WANs). These topics are studies within the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) framework.

    This unit is mapped to the Cisco Networking Academy, Semester 2 .

    To achieve this unit you must:
    • Understand and configure routers and routing protocols for LANs and WANs
    • Carry out router operating system management
    • Maintain and troubleshoot networks using the TCP/IP suite and diagnostics
    • Configure security using Access Control Lists

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