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Network Design and Administration


    Assessment and Grading

How will I be assessed?

Assessment will be by means of a activities, case studies, tests and assignment work collected into a portfolio of work. The class activities and assignments are designed to cover the grading criteria for the unit. 

This means that you should attend all classes unless you have a VALID reason for not attending. 


How will I be graded?

To achieve a pass, observation and detailed witness testimonies should be a prime source of evidence for the practical tasks associated with the building and development of a computer network. There should be evidence of an understanding of network design concepts. Stating the basic concepts and evidence of checking accuracy may be done by written evidence or by oral questioning reported and signed by the tutor.


To achieve a merit you must produce a well thought-out proposal for a network design, demonstrating your knowledge of theory and indicating how it meets user requirements. You will also show an understanding of administrative issues after implementation, eg security against hacking..


To achieve a distinction you will have completed the tasks as for pass and merit level, but in addition will have carried out a critical performance evaluation to determine areas for improvement in their design. You will also be able to evaluate the relative merits of different network technologies currently available and hence justify the particular system chosen for their proposal.


Grading Criteria

The table below shows the grading criteria.  A printer friendly version is available

Grading Criteria
To achieve a pass your work must show:
To achieve a merit your work must show:
To achieve a distinction your work must show:

P1. demonstrate a knowledge of networking benefits and limitations

P2. describe the purpose of domains and directory services

P3. suggest a network specification that fits user requirements

P4. produce a schedule for implementing a network design

P5. state the basic purpose of a number of network administration tasks and show how these tasks are carried out using NOS tools.

P6. set up user accounts with specified permissions.

P7. set up network printer and network printer access rights..

M1. compare and contrast different network topologies

M2. understand how various domain configurations might be used by an organisation building a complex network

M3. examine a user requirement and explain the reasons why a specification meets the requirements of users

M4. investigate a scenario and determine a security policy that effectively addresses the needs of users..

D1. evaluate the merits of different networking approaches available today

D2. analyse a range of different network topologies indicating where cost, technical demands and future use influence choice

D3. evaluate all the necessary resources, roll-out procedures and requirements for setting up and testing a new LAN.



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